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#THANKAFRAMER Month Salutes American Heroes

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Social media-driven video campaign knocks it out of the park

Having worked with Jib for 14+ years on Norbord‘s US advertising, I perked up when an unusual brief crashed onto my desk last summer.

It said, “Norbord wants to show big love to framers,” the carpenters who install its wood-based wall sheathing, sub-flooring and sub-roofing products.

Thank A Framer

I immediately thought video… something that would frame hardworking framers as American heroes.

Side note: Some 95% of US framers are Hispanic, and as you might’ve heard, the US administration is not exactly in the midst of a “We Love Hispanics!” moment. They seem to be the only people in the US who want to earn $8-12 grand a month doing rough carpentry.

I wrote a video script, an “Ode to American Framers” poem to accompany it, the THANKAFRAMER website, developed a contest and a print campaign to launch it in the trades.

ThankAFramer Screengrab

We launched #THANKAFRAMER in English and Spanish via Facebook and other social channels on Sept 1/17.

Objective: 500,000 views by month’s end. Reality: 800,000. By November, we’d hit 1.5m.

The response from framers was rapid and unequivocal: They LOVED it! The thank-yous to Norbord poured in profusely. They posted pictures of themselves, their framing crews, their best work, their families.

Young American men and women wrote, asking how to become a framer.

It was mind-blowing, moving and downright tear-jerking. I’ve never created anything this well-received.

Meanwhile, we cajoled Norbord to donate — at first US$200,000; weeks later $1.1 million — to the US Home Builders Institute, to fund new training & recruitment programs aimed at addressing the shortage (currently at 200,000) of skilled laborers in US home building.

The next phase involves recruitment using humor. Watch this space.

Kingsway College School Video

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016

I developed the concept and script for this Toronto private school’s video. It thanked financial contributors for their generosity. Execution by Richard Marazzi Design.

Video for ingredients house L.V. Lomas

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

I came up with the concept and script

Produced by Jackson Marketing

Geneva Centre for Autism Video

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

How The Autists helps

Toronto’s Geneva Centre for Autism commissioned me to produce a video to screen at The Autists fundraiser in spring 2015. Its purpose: Show how the money helps teens and young adults prepare to live independently, enter the workforce, maybe even run their own businesses. Camera, lighting and sound by Darcy Muenchrath. Edited by Greg Feir.

SOFA: New print, billboard & web video campaign

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

SOFA (Source of Furniture and Accessories)

SOFA, a 200,000 sq ft section of the International Centre, leases show-spaces to manufacturers who use them to market to and educate residential interior designers, decorators and consumers. This is SOFA’s first multimedia campaign.

SOFA Web Video

SOFA Print Magazine Ad (2 others yet to be released)


SOFA Billboard at Toronto’s Designers Walk, (first of 4 for this location)

Billboard Artwork