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#THANKAFRAMER Month Salutes American Heroes

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

Social media-driven video campaign knocks it out of the park

Having worked with Jib for 14+ years on Norbord‘s US advertising, I perked up when an unusual brief crashed onto my desk last summer.

It said, “Norbord wants to show big love to framers,” the carpenters who install its wood-based wall sheathing, sub-flooring and sub-roofing products.

Thank A Framer

I immediately thought video… something that would frame hardworking framers as American heroes.

Side note: Some 95% of US framers are Hispanic, and as you might’ve heard, the US administration is not exactly in the midst of a “We Love Hispanics!” moment. They seem to be the only people in the US who want to earn $8-12 grand a month doing rough carpentry.

I wrote a video script, an “Ode to American Framers” poem to accompany it, the THANKAFRAMER website, developed a contest and a print campaign to launch it in the trades.

ThankAFramer Screengrab

We launched #THANKAFRAMER in English and Spanish via Facebook and other social channels on Sept 1/17.

Objective: 500,000 views by month’s end. Reality: 800,000. By November, we’d hit 1.5m.

The response from framers was rapid and unequivocal: They LOVED it! The thank-yous to Norbord poured in profusely. They posted pictures of themselves, their framing crews, their best work, their families.

Young American men and women wrote, asking how to become a framer.

It was mind-blowing, moving and downright tear-jerking. I’ve never created anything this well-received.

Meanwhile, we cajoled Norbord to donate — at first US$200,000; weeks later $1.1 million — to the US Home Builders Institute, to fund new training & recruitment programs aimed at addressing the shortage (currently at 200,000) of skilled laborers in US home building.

The next phase involves recruitment using humor. Watch this space.