Social Media Copywriter

Social Media Copywriter

And you thought I was a one-trick pony.

Social Media Marketing Is Now A Fact Of Life

Like it or not, social media marketing is now a fact of life for most humans and almost all businesses. It’s a pain in the ass, annoyingly fiddly and seemingly far too time-consuming for the effort. But if you don’t do it – and you know you need to – you will eventually become irrelevant to the people you count on to buy your products, pay your bills and, ultimately, feed your babies.

Who is Paul Fenn?

I serve as the writer / creative director, component of a pyramid of geniuses around the world who have social media down to an exact science. Together, we’ll create a social machine that lets people discover you, like you, share your content through their own social media machinery. We use a carefully selected blend of news, issues and trends concerning you and your industry. We can offer special pricing through specific social channels (for ROI and general measurement purposes). We’ll create unique, well-timed promotions, contests, articles, blog postings, videos and links to other useful content from authoritative sources on the web.

Why work with me?

A social media writer like me can enable you to cover multiple tasks on the fly. I can keep refreshing the content on your site and your social feeds. I can also create a tonality, a distinct voice, and as a result, a hungry audience, through judicious use of the social networks we opt to harness.  First I assess what you’re doing now. Then I put together a strategic solution, with a timetable and budget tailored to your business circumstances. The package I pitch you will include blogs, articles, video concepts and social media posts.  If you say yes, we will experiment, observe what’s most effective, what doesn’t work, and with whom.

"Don’t let your social side slide."

- Paul Fenn, Toronto Copywriter


Don’t let it slide.

Because social is too irritating a thing to do for most business owners, they hire talent or they farm it out. To people like me.

I’m a Toronto social media writer who helps clients build a dominant presence on the social media platforms applicable to each. Mostly Instagram, Twitter, Facebook ads, Google+ and LinkedIn. People everywhere turn to the internet to guide them to the products, services and info they require to live with efficiency and happiness.

Social media copywriting escorts that reality. As a team, we read, review, share, connect, re-post and scour our own and others’ networks, just as fish in the sea read currents and listen to the aural buzz, in order to stay alive, get laid and enhance their operational comfort zone.

Social Media Content
Social Media Content Writer


It’s THE purchase influencer

People seek outside confirmation, sometimes on a grand scale, to drive their purchases. A tweet, post or video is increasingly what it takes to push us to that final step, the buy.

Your customers now behave this way or soon will, as do the search engines that you need to help you thrive. The more fresh, relevance-boosting and useful social media content your business posts, the more ways you create for future customers to connect with you and buy what you sell.

New content on your site and on your social media infrastructure, added on a regular basis, tells them you are on your game, here for the long haul – all the while growing and shaping your status as the authority, the go-to vendor in your sector.


I don’t do this alone

Once you give me the green light, I deploy my network of technical experts to monitor all your channels. We’ll turn your business and your brand into a rock star among also-rans. In my function as writer / creative director, I work as part of a stack of pros stationed around the world specialized in social media pre-eminence.

Together, we’ll create a presence that enables new people to find you, like and share your content, and help grow your business, its influence and its sales.

Freelance Social Media Writer

Social Media

What You Get

Social Media Writing

Niche Research

Thorough research into your industry, your company, its markets, audiences, competitive landscape, untapped opportunities – a detailed understanding of your niche

Style & Tone

Full competitor content analysis to emulate / deviate from particular styles & tones

Top Quality Content

Social media writing copy / content that connects, communicates with and convinces your target audiences

Accuracy & Grammar

Persuasive, grammatically correct, active voice content. Proper content structure and formatting

Optimized for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning

Fast Turnaround

Premium content for social media delivered at your pace

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