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The proper care and feeding of search engines.

Don’t Starve Search Engine Bots

While optimized content remains king as a search engine attractant, you want people to keep reading after their keyword search leads them to your site. You may have heard that Google changed its algorithm a while ago to read website copy and SEO content almost as a person would. This means you no longer need to try gaming its SEO algorithms to rank; it won’t fool Google. You need to be seen as an authority in your zone of operation. I write authoritative articles optimized for search engine bots – and for people.

Who is Paul Fenn?

A deeply experienced media-agnostic copywriter delivering juicy ideas, copy and content for clients in B2C and B2B. Clients come to me to clarify and harness their strengths to grow their prominence or dominance. To become unshackled from ineffective, outdated or dull corporate communications. To apply a well-thought-out brand persona that connects with audiences. And to start conversations and relationships that inspire trust and belief, while growing revenue.

Why work with me?

My aim: Offer a quality of workmanship seldom seen anymore. This derives from the depth of briefing I request of you before starting a project. A strong brief enables me to narrow down creative and tonality directions, then deliver a copy deck best suited to the need and the audience. This ranges from corporate to minimalist, pithy to hard-hitting, witty to outright bonkers. I happily let you pull me back, while promising you’ll never lack for creative ideas. I share work-in-progress while developing projects, allowing for tweaks on the fly and to minimize revisions later. Turnaround is generally fast.

"A balance between what search engines detect and what humans enjoy reading."

- Paul Fenn, Toronto Copywriter


How SEO works today

To rank well in searches for your keywords, you need lots of rich content relevant to those keywords, your business and/or your area of expertise. This means good copywriting also needs to be good written content. It’s a balance between keywords search engines will detect, and page subject matter that human-type visitors will enjoy reading.

SEO Copywriting
SEO Article Writing


Where I differ in SEO Content writing

What was once writers dumping keywords into website copy is different now. I’ll still include your target keywords throughout your articles. But I won’t sprinkle content with them pathetically. I work more subtly, more tactically. Your main keyword goes in the title or headline, but I also work it into the first 300 words of text. Then in the first H1 or H2 headers. After that, I use natural-reading variations of your keywords. They always appear so that even a human won’t notice anything funky going on.


At the confluence of eloquence and strategy

  • An SEO blueprint that answers the question, “Who gives a damn?”
  • Strategy-driven content and articles that are newsy, relevant, useful, unique and shareable
  • High-quality writing
  • Grammatically-correct, typo-free copy deck
  • 3 rounds of revisions included in fee
  • On-time delivery
SEO Content Writer

SEO Copywriting

What You Get

SEO Content Writing

Niche Research

Thorough research into your industry, your company, its markets, audiences, competitive landscape, untapped opportunities – a detailed understanding of your niche

Style & Tone

Full competitor content analysis to emulate / deviate from particular styles & tones

Top Quality Content

Copy / content that connects, communicates with and convinces your target audiences

Accuracy & Grammar

Persuasive, grammatically correct, active voice content. Proper content structure and formatting

Optimized for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning

Fast Turnaround

Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning

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