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You can’t bore them into submission.

Creative Marketing By A Seasoned Copywriter

There’s marketing, in which you tell the who, what, where and why of your offering, and pray the world cares.

And then there’s creative marketing by a seasoned copywriter. It touches audiences, shows its understanding of them, sees them as unique beings with their own problems and circumstances.

Then it makes them want you, like you, and make space in their life for you.

Who is Paul Fenn?

A deeply experienced media-agnostic copywriter delivering juicy ideas, copy and content for clients in B2C and B2B. Clients come to me to clarify and harness their strengths to grow their prominence or dominance. To become unshackled from ineffective, outdated or dull corporate communications. To apply a well-thought-out brand persona that connects with audiences. And to start conversations and relationships that inspire trust and belief, while growing revenue.

Why work with me?

I aim to offer a quality of workmanship seldom seen anymore. It’s a reflection of the depth of briefing I request of you before starting a project. A good brief helps me deliver a ton of creative and tonality directions, ranging from corporate to clean, pithy to hard-hitting, funny to outright bonkers. I share work in progress while developing projects, allowing for tweaks on the fly and to minimize revisions later. Turnaround is generally fast.

"You can’t just tell people you’re great and expect them to come rushing. Unless you’re Donald Trump."

- Paul Fenn, Toronto Copywriter


This marketing copywriter’s shtick

You can’t bore them into submission. Meaning, you can’t just tell people how great you are and expect them to come rushing. Unless you’re Donald Trump. But he’s about the only one who’s ever gotten away with it. The rest of us must work harder.

My job is making marketing budgets seem orders of magnitude larger than they are. Which goes back to the brief. I will ask you for data, stats, past experiences, competitive info, audience demographics, your objectives, your plans to get there. I will often talk to your people, your customers and, on occasion, your competitors. I need to be this pushy and info-greedy to get the briefing necessary to develop marketing ideas that meet the promise.

Freelance Marketing Copywriter


Professional Marketing Copywriter

The promise? What’s the promise?

Depends on your budget. But assuming it seems proportionate to your ambitions, I’ll provide the means to make you more desirable, influential and dominant in your marketplace than you are now. I’ll give you a voice that’s yours alone, more audible, credible and personable than the competitors you scrap with daily. I’ll quantify and revitalize your selling proposition in a differentiated, gettable, wantable package, then point it like a smart howitzer at your markets, whether consumer or b2b.

I will identify and propose new promotional vehicles – whether an unusual offering, a non-lame contest, an invitation to participate in a social media event, a publicity caper – that broadcast and embed your marketing message more widely and wildly. I will help your brand expand to fill spaces it has never occupied.


Why should you trust me?

Because I have the case studies that prove my method delivers measurable results. I have clients you can speak to who’ll tell you what I did for their brands, or in the case of agency clients, their clients’ brands. Because I fall in love with your product, whether it’s diamond-studded gold bars or sump pumps. Even if it’s low-end sump pumps, I’ll help position them in a differentiated space among competing sump pumps, and make such a strong case that those other sump pumps will wish they were you. Even if you make five different qualities of sump pump and sell them side-by-side, I will create positioning for each. And each will sell to consumer needs within one of five well-researched niches.

Marketing Copywriter for Hire


What You Get

Marketing Copywriter

Niche Research

Thorough research into your industry, your company, its markets, audiences, competitive landscape, untapped opportunities – a detailed understanding of your niche

Style & Tone

Full competitor content analysis to emulate / deviate from particular styles & tones

Top Quality Content

Copy / content that connects, communicates with and convinces your target audiences

Accuracy & Grammar

Persuasive, grammatically correct, active voice content. Proper content structure and formatting

Optimized for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning

Fast Turnaround

Done by deadline. If you need it today, and I can do it today, you’ll get it today.

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