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Running copy not proofread is like charging into battle without bullets.

Proofreading Bomb-Proofs your Content

You spend a fortune on a well-designed website and on SEO that gets you page-one dominance with search engines. You invest in fine imagery, pay a writer to populate it with content to sell you to the world. But the writer is not an editor or a proofreader. Neither are you. You know your copy deck’s strong, but what if it’s flawed, has typos or the grammar’s a bit iffy? Should you care? Does it matter if hard-won visitors notice? What if they leave?

Who is Paul Fenn?

A deeply experienced media-agnostic copy editor and proofreader delivering juicy ideas, copy editing and content for clients in B2C and B2B. Clients come to me to clarify and harness their strengths to grow their prominence or dominance. To become unshackled from ineffective, outdated or dull corporate communications. To apply a well-thought-out brand persona that connects with audiences. And to start conversations and relationships that inspire trust and belief, while growing revenue.

Why work with me?

In my early days, the writing mistakes I made always embarrassed the hell out of me – and drove me to make big efforts to tune up my offering. Clients noticed. A creative director once called to say the long-copy project I’d written for her was the first-ever in which her proofreader found nothing to fix. My heart soared. All that self-flagellation was paying off. Thing is, well-edited, carefully proofread content doesn’t even cost much. There’s no reason not to insist on perfection in all your audience-facing written materials. I’m here to edit and punch-up any content — from new or old websites, to video scripts, to sales literature, to truck livery and even sidewalk sandwich boards.

"Are you shure you can’t afford editing and proofreading?"

- Paul Fenn, Toronto Copywriter

Copy Editor

Legibility is credibility

Fresh visitors arriving at your page tend not to bring along positive preconceptions; any cracks they notice in your digital storefront translate into doubt. You don’t need that. And let it be said that errors on website text aren’t always the writer’s fault. On virtually every website I write and proofread (included in my service), I find mistakes made by programmers who’ve retyped my text. Since we can’t blame programmers for not being proofreaders, it follows that top-notch editing/proofreading services of your website – and all your public communications – is a business essential.

Editing and Proofreading Services
Proofreading Services


But what are editing and proofreading?

Editors polish and refine, directing the focus of the text along a defined course, cutting what doesn’t fit and is not essential to the text’s purpose. They enhance key points, directing attention to what should be the reader’s focus. Proofreaders are the final sticklers who comb through a text looking for typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting, usage and other errors. Both are fading arts. Judging by the number of typos I’ve caught in recent books I’ve read, even prestigious publishers are skimping on editing and proofreading. You needn’t do so.



What you get when you hire me

A writer, editor and proofreader with decades of experience, and:

  • Services covering websites, video scripts, brochures, flyers, speeches, papers and books
  • Copy Editing/proofing to Canadian, American or British/Australian/NZ English standards, and correct country usage (i.e., Taiwan uses American English; Singapore uses British English)
  • Grammatically correct, typo-free final text
  • Ability to work with local or offshore web developers during and after site construction
  • On-time delivery
Proofreading and Editing


What You Get

Writing Editor

Niche Research

Thorough research into your industry, your company, its markets, audiences, competitive landscape, untapped opportunities – a detailed understanding of your niche

Style & Tone

Full competitor content analysis to emulate / deviate from particular styles & tones

Top Quality Content

Copy / content that connects, communicates with and convinces your target audiences

Accuracy & Grammar

Persuasive, grammatically correct, active voice content. Proper content structure and formatting

Optimized for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning

Fast Turnaround

Search Engine Optimized content with appropriate keyword positioning

Customers reviews

What My Clients Say?

Paul Fenn is an experienced, talented and strategic writer. He has a magical way of taking a concept or a feeling and translating into words that resonate and inspire the audience. I don't hesitate to recommend Paul.
Marina Mann
Ceo & Founder Crix
Paul, is advertising talent -- personified. I'm not exaggerating. He is one of those rare 'naturals' that are able to deliver warm, human communications where the rest seem to falter or delay. He even has the advertising pedigree, perhaps you could argue, genetics, to make this case as his father was one of Toronto's original Admen. In any case, i don't hesitate to recommend and frankly wish there were more like him around. Highly recommended talented individual!
Greg Brown
Head Of Sales , Intel
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