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My take on the slogan? Just do it.

A good slogan is a business tool

A great one can become a cultural artifact. Slogans aren’t an absolute necessity for every business, but done right and used shrewdly, they can do amazing things. Slogans embody an organization’s mission, what it exists to do, how it’s there for its employees, customers, humanity, etc. If you deploy a slogan, the more interestingly and succinctly it conveys essence of thought, the more profoundly it will ingrain itself in brains encountering it.

Who is Paul Fenn?

A deeply experienced media-agnostic slogan writer delivering juicy ideas, copy and content for clients in B2C and B2B. Clients come to me to clarify and harness their strengths to grow their prominence or dominance. To become unshackled from ineffective, outdated or dull corporate communications. To apply a well-thought-out brand persona that connects with audiences. And to start conversations and relationships that inspire trust and belief, while growing revenue.

Why work with me?

For one, I have significant experience in this arena. I’ve written taglines for dozens of clients in all kinds of industries. Secondly, sheer volume. Though you may not see all the slogan writing I undertake, by the time I’m ready with a first draft, I’ll have generated between 500-1000 candidates from which to pare down to a digestible list for your perusal. My product ranges from in-yer-face serious to bone-dry humourous, to aphoristic word-play, to over-the-top ecstatic, to kid-friendly, to clean and simple. I structure my time and work process to fit your budget. I have delivered catchy slogans in hours, but prefer at least two days.

"Slogans, Taglines, Straplines -- Get 'Em Done Here."

- Paul Fenn, Toronto Copywriter


What’s a slogan, and how should you use one?

Generally two to five words long, slogans work as an organization’s internal and/or external declaration of intent, a brand or product’s public-facing attitude, a tactical branding device and more. Today, they’re often used for a limited time, or sparingly, as they lose their shine after repeated viewings – or their owners just get sick of them. They were more common among B2C companies until recently, especially in advertising campaigns. Some start out as ad headlines, continuing life as slogans or taglines.

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My slogan-generation process

Once you’ve filled out my brief, I use it to begin explorations. These consist of research into your industry, competitors, audiences, followed by a word- and phrase-generation process with several steps, all of them top secret. I produce hundreds of candidates, categorized by tonality. I contact you, mid-process, to share directions in thinking. Each day, I write a couple of pages of worth of researched, contextualized slogans. Then I have some whiskey and do a bunch more.


Some recent projects

I’ve done slogans and taglines for organizations in the these sectors: Digital tech, green tech, consumer banking, private banking, forex, market research, professional services, residential architecture & design, landscape architecture, construction products, recruitment, insurance, law, legal services, higher education, politics, resorts & hospitality, desserts, alcohol, coffee & tea, grass-fed beef, home nursing, youth services, autism centres, fertility clinics, dry cleaning, automotive, marine and motorcycles.

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What You Get


Niche Research

Thorough research into your industry, your company, its markets, audiences, competitive landscape, untapped opportunities – a detailed understanding of your niche

Style & Tone

Full competitor content analysis to emulate / deviate from particular styles & tones

Top Quality Content

Copy / content that connects, communicates with and convinces your target audiences

Accuracy & Grammar

Persuasive, grammatically correct, active voice content. Proper content structure and formatting

Fast Turnaround

I can deliver in as little as a day’s work, but if you want my absolute best, a minimum of two days is best

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