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TripleClamp Moto

Launching a startup that actually manufactures in Canada.

Triple Clamp Moto


About the company

Founded in 2017, the Toronto-based company locally engineers and manufactures premium quality aftermarket components for high-performance offroad motorcycles. Its founders are avid dirt enthusiasts who own and ride the bikes for which they engineer products. They are notable for soliciting user feedback on moto forums so as to enable continuous improvements. In just a couple of years in business, TCM has amassed a fiercely loyal customer following.



Project Objectives

When I came into the picture, the company had no name, no assets, no finished products, not even an address. It had been born, and still lived, in a garage. So I named it TripleClamp, which riffs off the three founders (including me, though I left the business in 2018) and a motorcycle’s triple clamp, the part of the front forks that connects them to the chassis. I gave it the tagline “Born in a garage. Raised on the trails,” and wrote the company website and its social media posts.

Triple Clamp Moto Company
Triple Clamp Moto


Content delivered

In composing the website and social media voice for TripleClamp, I had to be mindful of the nature of the company’s market: Manly men who ride big, powerful, adventure bikes into the wilderness and/or on tours lasting days, weeks and years. They are DIY types doing their own repairs at home and on the roadside. This product line was all about going faster, harder and with higher performance. The tone is over the top, funny, badass and a little self-deprecating — just like these riders.

Triple Clamp Motorcycle Mods
TripleClamp Moto
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