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About the company

Saponetti markets high-quality, eco-responsible housecleaning, laundry and personal care products to Torontonians. Selling from their store and website, they refill product using mason jars or customer-supplied containers. Saponetti’s unique selling proposition is a zero-waste approach to consumer packaged goods, eliminating the need even to throw plastics into the blue recycling bin. Given that so much of our plastic is not recycled as we are led to believe, but shipped overseas or dumped in landfills, Saponetti is working to stop the evil recycling cycle in its tracks – one dedicated customer at a time.



Project Objectives

To launch a new business via a new website on a shoestring budget. To drive awareness, educate consumers on the dirty truths behind recycling, and offer a much better, more optimistic alternative.

Saponetti Soap Refill
Saponetti Soap


Content delivered

Website, e-blasts, brand persona. The tone is green, but not tree-huggingly, touchy-feely, earth mother, healing crystals green — not by any stretch. I loathe all that. This is a smart solution to a very serious problem — that of plastic waste. These people know their stuff and that was as fancy as it got, with a dash of humour.

Saponetti Soap Company
Saponetti Soap Refill Company
Saponetti Toronto


Customer Feedback

Paul just gets it. You start telling him your idea and thirty seconds later he’s finishing your sentences – better than you would’ve. He’s created a nice, cheeky tone for our website. Original, funny and persuasive work. Our business is growing about 20% per month, largely on the strength of our website and email campaigns. He also wrote us a great video concept, which we hope to have produced soon. Highly recommend Paul!

Christian von Seidlitz

Co-founder, Saponetti

Saponetti Soap Toronto
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