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RazorCompany.com hits the ground bleeding.

The Razors Company


About the company

RazorCompany.com was a Toronto startup marketing its own line of cheap, but good, mail-order subscription razors.

Website: https://www.razorcompany.com/


Project Objectives

I was brought in by BV Brand to develop a launch video for the newborn company. I co-wrote the script with Peter McKinnon, who directed, shot, edited and handled sound design on the project. I’d only just met the man via illusionist Bobby Motta, with whom I was working on another project. Bobby ended up co-starring. And the client ended up with one pearler of a video. The video’s sole purpose was to get attention and sign up new customers. RazorCompany.com is still going some six years later, so we’ll call it a success.

The Razor Company
Razor Company


Content delivered

Video concept & script. Not a word is spoken by the two antagonists, but the comedy comes through loudly and proudly. Very happy with this zero-budget project. Imagine what a hundred million dollars would get you.

Razor Company Products
Razor Company Shave Subscription
Razors Online


Customer Feedback

Paul was asked to do the impossible and with no budget. Not only did he provide us a script, he also brought us talent, the director and his crew. The result was miles above our expectations

Andy Vandertuin

Creative Director, BV Brand

Razor Company Online Razors
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