Targeted direct marketing helps small tech firm expand


About the company

iMason is a Toronto-based tech provider whose main product, BoardWorks, enables large organizations to plan and run board meetings and distribute information to all attendees, whether in attendance or remote.



Project Objectives

I was brought in by direct response specialists BV Brand to provide copywriting on this project. The direct piece was to use rock climbing as a metaphor for running a board meeting. Components included the Hotwire carabiner smartly boxed and delivered in a tech-y “computer parts blue” cellophane envelope.


Content delivered

This was a simple metaphor well packaged and played by the designer. Being a rock climber, I’m always happy to use my sport to shamelessly hitch a marketing wagon to. The folks at BV did a great job on the design for the piece, placing all my climber-esque language to maximum effect. It was a tight and hard-working piece of direct response for a software product that didn’t initially seem to lend itself to such a cool 3D selling device.


Customer Feedback

The client’s feedback: “This project exceeded our expectations and delivered our client plenty of great new leads.”

Rosanne Baker-Thornley

CEO, BV Brand

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