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EAT (Executive Athletic Training) Gym

EAT: Launching the concept of the very personal trainer.

Executive Athelete Training


About the company

EAT Gym, founded by two elite athletes, had just opened near Spadina & Front in Toronto. It services just two athletic varietals: Execs craving superpowers and advanced athletes chasing a better best. Their highly sophisticated programs include complete nutritional and lifestyle consultation and occupy the outer frontier of modern fitness. Each client works with just one trainer on a custom-designed fitness program in pursuit of short, medium and long-term goals. EAT Gym is a premium-priced offering catering to serious, committed clients.



Project Objectives

The challenge was to complement the website’s clean design and powerful imagery with an attitudinal, humourous, no-nonsense copy tonality that would convey EAT Gym’s unique selling proposition. No clichés, hype and overcooked nomenclature permitted. The copy needed to function as a strong branding device, so that site visitors would be under no illusions about what they were walking into. The site was built by Pixelcarve, who invited me in to handle copywriting and brand tonality.

EAT Gym Toronto


Content delivered

Content delivered: Website copy, brand voice. The tonality is a combo of “do something radical with your body” and “we’re the ones who’ll push you to make it so.” Because the founders and trainers are all true athletes first, I wanted to stay clear from the usual fitness-speak and talk directly to the highly-driven psyches of site visitors.

EAT Gym Training
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Customer Feedback

Within minutes of sitting down with us, we saw that Paul understood exactly what we were trying to do with EAT Gym. He took our idea, gave it a muscular voice and the precise attitude we were looking for: Minimalist copy loaded with grunt, but also informative and entertaining to read. He knows when to dial it up, and back.

Charles Thompson

Founder, EAT Gym

Executive Athlete Training Gym Toronto
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