Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture

Canadian Centre for the Victims of Torture

Giving voice to torture victims.

Centre for Victims of Torture


About the company

CCVT helps immigrants, refugees and escapees who have experienced torture in their home countries to recover from trauma and adjust to life in Canada. Its mission is a tremendously challenging one. The people it helps have escaped wars, police states, slavery, human trafficking, etc., and range from ordinary citizens to ex-political prisoners.



Project Objectives

TThis project, a collaboration with Richard Marazzi Design, was a transit shelter print campaign using images of several of the Centre’s brave torture victims to draw attention to the little-known organization, and drive new donations.

Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture


Content delivered

Headlines & body copy. This was such an emotionally and morally weighty project. It called for sensitivity, while also not being too safe to make an impact. I tried to strike a balance between the horrid fact that torture happens, and that with the right support, there’s a life beyond it for victims.

Victims of Torture
Canadian Victims of Torture
Victims of Torture Canada


Customer Feedback

This was a difficult project for us take on, but Paul rose to the occasion, making the campaign as hard-hitting as it was sympathetic.

Richard Marazzi

Creative Director, Richard Marazzi Design

Centre for Victims of Torture
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