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If content is king, well-written content is an empire.

Own Your Industry with Content that Caters to Humans & Bots

My profession is applying the power of creative copy and content to help marketing initiatives grow business and expand awareness, online and off. I develop tonality and language to power campaigns delivering excellent ROI. I write words that create desire, provoke action and meet client expectations by packaging a unique selling proposition so it can be absorbed efficiently by people and search engines.

Who is Paul Fenn?

A deeply experienced media-agnostic copywriter delivering juicy ideas, copy and content for clients in B2C and B2B. Clients come to me to clarify and harness their strengths to grow their prominence or dominance. To become unshackled from ineffective, outdated or dull corporate communications. To apply a well-thought-out brand persona that connects with audiences. And to start conversations and relationships that inspire trust and belief, while growing revenue.

Why work with me?

I offer a quality of workmanship seldom seen anymore. It reflects the depth of briefing I request of you before starting each project. This helps me deliver a wide spectrum of creative and tonality directions, ranging from corporate to clean, pithy to hard-hitting, funny to outright bonkers. I happily let you pull me back, while promising you’ll not lack for creative ideas. I share work in progress while developing projects, allowing for tweaks on the fly and to minimize revisions later. Turnaround is generally fast.

"If Content Is King, Well-Written Content Is Empire."

- Paul Fenn, Toronto Copywriter


Content is king. Well-written content is empire.

Like it or not, the well-worn “Content is king” marketing mantra popularized in the early ‘00s remains as valid today as it was back then. As a marketing professional or entrepreneur, you no doubt agree that the need for copywriting to frame a unique selling proposition is vital. But you also need to be certain the content applied to advocate for your enterprise is working just as hard.


Copywriting vs Content Writing Explained

Copy once described the compelling, seductive language or arguments deployed to close a sale. But that’s changed. Copywriting today is often used to drive actions leading to a sale. These range from encouraging people to sign up for your monthly email and get product updates, to clicking on a link to get more info and, yes, also to buy something.

Content, on the other hand, is considered more informational. It’s used to captivate, inform, entertain and answer questions, all toward its ultimate goal of inciting your targets to make that purchase.


At the confluence of both

My profession is crafting and conjoining the power of copy and content to creative sales and marketing concepts. I develop the language needed to execute campaigns with maximum effect. I suggest appropriate vehicles to express those ideas – media, events, stunts, social movements, online branded entertainment and more.

Customers reviews

What My Clients Say?

Paul Fenn is an experienced, talented and strategic writer. He has a magical way of taking a concept or a feeling and translating into words that resonate and inspire the audience. I don't hesitate to recommend Paul.
Amanda Lee
Ceo & Founder Crix
Paul, is advertising talent -- personified. I'm not exaggerating. He is one of those rare 'naturals' that are able to deliver warm, human communications where the rest seem to falter or delay. He even has the advertising pedigree, perhaps you could argue, genetics, to make this case as his father was one of Toronto's original Admen. In any case, i don't hesitate to recommend and frankly wish there were more like him around. Highly recommended talented individual!
Adam Cheise
Head Of Sales , Intel
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