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Green P

Monday, January 30th, 2012



Green PSmarking Leaderboard





‘Smarking I’ – 30”

(Two cheerful men in a car, looking for parking, SFX: engine, traffic)
Hamish: Risking presupposition, it would appear our parking prospects do not give rise to optimism.
Raphael: Afraid I must assume a degree of culpability, for I had earlier neglected to mention one Green P smartphone application.
Hamish: And what, oh ever-sagacious one, is that?
Raphael: It is no less than an inspired scientific marvel enabling one to prelocate Green P parking facilities prior to exodus.
Hamish: Rather a smart approach to parking, I should say.
Raphael: Smart parking, indeed!
Together: Smarking!
VO: With the Green P smartphone app, you’re no longer parking, you’re smarking.

‘Smarking II’ – 30”

(Two guys driving, SFX: music, traffic)
Rick: Wow, is she wearing skorts with her windblazer?
Dave: Yup, she’s packing massive ladytude!
Rick: You’re so wittarious today.
Dave: Mayhaps, but I can occasionally be doofiotic.
Rick: Hey, why so scritical?
Dave: Because I forglected to download the Green P smartphone app. It lets you chout all their parking areas, preparture.
Rick Wow, talk about smart parking.
(SFX pregnant Pause)
VO: The Green P smartphone app. It’s not parking, it’s smarking.
Dave: Okay, intellinouncer.