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“Without curiosity, mankind wallows in the shallows – to say nothing of the crapfulness of its advertising.”  — Me

Curiosity pays my bills, and possibly yours

Inventing and writing down ideas for business is the only profession among many I’ve tried where an inner voice that ceaselessly demands more and more info has actually proven useful. So when a brief comes my way, I tend to ask beyond it. Into such areas as:

  • What’s the history of the brand and its category?
  • What are the weaknesses we must work around?
  • What communications have been done for this brand, and in what media? How did they work out?
  • What’s the competition doing? Is it working for them?
  • Where (on a tonality scale running between conservatively austere on one end, and all-out bonkers at its opposite) is the comfort level of the client? Can this be nudged? Toward bonkers?

Got to be love

Asking for more also has the effect of making me fall in love with the product – a necessity when convincing a disinterested audience do the same.

For more info, or for work samples from tons of other work not shown on this site, ask me.