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Paul Fenn:

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Paul writes professionally in many disciplines.

As a copywriter, he has clients in digital advertising, video, branded content, marketing, web development, graphic design, retail and technology.

For these customers he creates ad campaigns, video concepts, websites, stunts, blogs and brochures. He also names companies, products and brands, develops taglines, corporate slogans, positioning statements and brand value guidelines.

His non-commercial writing includes credited and ghost-written biographies, autobiographies, television scripts, feature length screenplays and motorcycle journalism. For screen he has written thrillers, adventures, rom-coms, medical-horror and nautical stories.

Paul lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and daughter.


Ad agencies, digital shops, graphic design houses, branding firms or direct to client in B2C, B2B, governmental, educational, nonprofit, charity — done it all.


Over 35 awards including:

  • Applied Arts – Copywriting, DNDC, 2005
  • ADCC – Copywriting, Ontario Great Lakes Renewal Foundation, 2000
  • Applied Arts – Copywriting, The Autists, 2011
  • Applied Arts – Copywriting, The Autists, 2012

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Paul Fenn Copywriter

Toronto Copywriter

Why This Guy?

I write words that create desire, provoke action and meet client expectations by packaging unique selling propositions so they can be absorbed efficiently by people and search engines.



Over 20 years working within every imaginable sector in multiple countries.



Well traveled, well read, well lived — ideas are my stock-in-trade.



Swimming against the tide with wit, humour and the unexpected can catapult a brand into the limelight. 

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