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Upsiide’s Automatic Website

New Website Automates Market Research

A recent project with to word together a great idea — user directed market research, at both the client and consumer levels.

Not just your ad copy bitch: I write motorcycles

Half a decade given over to


I started my love affair with motorcycles when I was about 14, when a friend let me try his fully modded Yamaha RD400. The power hooked me, but I knew I was too immature to live very long as a motorcycle owner. So I left that till more recently.

I’ve been working with moto-website EatSleepRIDE since they made me guest editor-in-chief in 2011, some two years after I bought my first bike brand new, a 2009 BMW F800GS dualsport.

During those three months, and really ever since, they’ve given me the luxury of writing about whatever I wanted, as long as it was motorcycles. Most writers never get such opportunities at any publication, let alone one covering the most fun topic of all — which is motorcycles. Sex writing is fun, too, but much tougher to get right. And as the saying goes, every generation thinks it invented sex, and sex writing, so I went with bikes and bike writing (which no one claims they invented).

Over the years I’ve covered a huge array of stuff I knew virtually nothing about, faking it till it seemed I was making it. I had to fake it because motorcycles is a massive affair, like politics or boats or fashion, with its own language, energy, attitude and opportunities for a writer. I did some work of which I’m quite proud.

There was the obit on young Italian MotoGP racer Marco Simoncelli (shown below), sadly killed in action at the Sepang, Malaysia race, five years ago this week. That piece got the most hits any article on the site ever had until then.


I’ve done multiple bike and gear reviews including on the gorgeous Ducati Multistrada 1200S Adventure, the mad Ducati XDiavel Cruiser, the refined Yamaha Super Tenere ES, and most recently the luxurious Harley-Davidson Street Glide Special.


I covered the government’s announcement that it would begin euthanizing left lane hogs, lobbied Toronto City Hall to not initiate parking fees for bikes, told my favourite stolen Kawasaki 900 story, and invented things like International Two-Stroke Appreciation Day and Human of the Month.


The EatSleepRIDE experience has opened exceptional new chapters of adventure and danger for me. I was recently invited by Traction, a sumptuously written offroad motorcycle magazine to test-ride four KTM 250 dirtbikes (fun, painful), and to write my thoughts on owning the 100hp KTM 950 Super Enduro R (see above and below), the world’s most powerful, and bonkers, road-legal dirtbike.


I’m posting this here because there are sides to my authorial output that my clients and prospects know nothing about, and they ought to. They should also know that this stuff keeps me humble — a key thing for all writers to be — because sometimes I hit trees and they win (see below).


Zinata – Brave new company gets bold new website

Collaborative of deeply experienced supply chain experts

They learned their craft working with big names like P&G, and call themselves “the anti-consultants”. I met the principles of Zinata for my briefing and was most impressed with their brilliance and BS-free approach to a very BS-freighted industry. Here’s the site I wrote — with an absolute minimum of corporate gibberish. It was my first time working with anti-consultants. I recommend it.


Zinata 3

Zinata 1





Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy – New Website

Bradlee Ryall – Elevating The Teaching of Golf

Bradlee Ryall, championship golfer and legendary instructor, operates the leading golf academy in the region. His operations span six golf courses throughout the western Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. I was brought in to meet the man, absorb his impressive story, and write the copy for the new site. Bradlee likes a bit of humour, which makes frequent appearances on the site. And’s designers knocked this project right out of the, um, fairway.

Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy Landing Page

Bradlee Ryall Golf Academy Sample Page

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 11.49.48 AM


Malivoire Wine Print Campaign

Mini Print Campaign for the Niagara Vintner’s Guilty Men, Gamay and Lady Bug Labels

Another joint production between myself and Richard Marazzi Design for Malivoire Wines. (Richard photoshopped each ad into a page from Now magazine to show ‘em at work before they ran.)

Malivoire Guilty Men Red Wine

Malivoire Lady Bug Rose

Malivoire Gamay Red Wine

Kingsway College School Video

I developed the concept and script for this Toronto private school’s video. It thanked financial contributors for their generosity. Execution by Richard Marazzi Design.

Video for ingredients house L.V. Lomas

I came up with the concept and script

Produced by Jackson Marketing

Geneva Centre for Autism Video

How The Autists helps

Toronto’s Geneva Centre for Autism commissioned me to produce a video to screen at The Autists fundraiser in spring 2015. Its purpose: Show how the money helps teens and young adults prepare to live independently, enter the workforce, maybe even run their own businesses. Camera, lighting and sound by Darcy Muenchrath. Edited by Greg Feir.

Targeted Direct – iMason’s BoardWorks

DM helps large Canadian corporations clip into boardroom software

I worked with DM specialists Baker Vandertuin on this fine piece for Toronto software developers iMason. Components: Hotwire carabiner packaged in folding print piece | Belly band | Computer parts envelope | Quantity : 500

Cool Climate Chardonnay Festival Poster Campaign

Posted in Southern Ontario LCBO outlets,  2014